Where to eat and drink in Tokyo.
tori tamura shinjuku

TOKYO | There’s no shortage of places to find yakitori in Shinjuku, and one of our favourite spots is Tori Tamura, conveniently located just around the corner from Shinjuku metro station. Tori Tamura is a hole in the wall izakaya that feels like a bit of a hidden secret despite its

Taishū Sumibiya-tori Okuman Jinbōchō-ten, Chiyoda

TOKYO | Taishū Sumibiya-tori Okuman Jinbōchō-ten is an izakaya in Kanda that’s a perfect example of the high standards for food in Tokyo. It’s not a place that comes up when you do research, and isn’t worth seeking out as such, but we’re writing about it to encourage you to be

verve coffee roaster shinjuku

TOKYO | Verve Coffee Roasters Shinjuku is the Tokyo outpost of American Santa Cruz based coffee company Verve Coffee Roasters. It occupies a prime location directly above Shinjuku Station, and is light, open and welcoming, in keeping with the ethos of the brand. As with the US stores, espresso based drinks

pierre herme paris aoyama

TOKYO | Pierre Hermé Paris is one of our favourite spots for macarons in Paris, and thankfully Tokyo has a few of Pierre Hermé’s wonderful dessert shops. The Aoyama store, which opened way back in 2005 but was completely renovated in December 2016 is one of our favourites, as it stocks

itosho minato

TOKYO | Anyone who thinks that Michelin starred restaurants are all about glitz and pretension will have their preconceptions turned on their heads after a meal at Itosho. Itosho has been serving up Shōjin-Ryōri (Buddhist Temple Food) since 1960 and, for most of those years, owner/chef Hiroharu Ito has been

blue bottle coffee shinjuku

TOKYO | Blue Bottle Coffee Shinjuku is one of the newest Blue Bottle branches in Tokyo, located inside the trendy NEWoMan shopping centre. It’s a busy store, understandably so given its location right near Shinjuku station. Jo Nagasaka from Schemata Architects has designed a light, airy, open space with lots of

TOKYO | Katsukura is considered by many to serve some the best tonkatsu in Kyoto, and thankfully for visitors to Tokyo, there are branches in this city too. The Shinjuku Katsukura is located on the 14th floor of the Takashimaya Department Store, and offers the same menu you’ll find elsewhere in

TOKYO | Tonkatsu is one of our favourite things to eat, and Hasegawa in Tokyo’s Ryogoku neighborhood is one of the best places in town for it. Ordering a tonkatsu set will get you a piece of tonkatsu, along with rice, miso soup, a pile of cabbage salad, pickles, mustard, wasabi,

tsujiri chiyoda

TOKYO | Kyoto-based Saryō Tsujiri have been perfecting the art of matcha, tea, and sweets since 1860, and thankfully visitors to Tokyo can get their fix on the 10th floor of Daimaru Tokyo Station. There are two parts to Saryō Tsujiri – a retail shop and a cafe. The retail shop

dominique ansel bakery omotesando

TOKYO | Dominique Ansel Bakery Omotesando is Dominique Ansel’s Japanese flagship and has had a consistent stream of customers lining up for his famous pastries since opening in Tokyo in June 2015. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Dominique Ansel is the inventor of the cronut, and at the