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JAPAN | The question of what to eat in Japan is something that we’re often asked by people travelling to Japan. Between the team we’ve been lucky enough to visit Japan several times and have a pretty good idea about which Japanese foods visitors should try. Japanese cuisine is one

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SHIMOGO | Ouchi-juku is a former post town which connected the towns of Aizu and Nikko during Japan’s Edo Period (1603 and 1868). The purpose of towns like Ouchi-juku was to provide travellers with a place to rest, eat, and lodge while making their long journeys, often by foot due

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TOKYO | Japan was a relatively newcomer to the craft beer scene, with laws allowing for the establishment of microbreweries not coming into effect until the 1990s. In that time, the country’s craft beer scene has exploded, and Tokyo is one of the best cities in Japan in which to

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TOKYO | There’s no shortage of places to find yakitori in Shinjuku, and one of our favourite spots is Tori Tamura, conveniently located just around the corner from Shinjuku metro station. Tori Tamura is a hole in the wall izakaya that feels like a bit of a hidden secret despite its

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TOKYO | Taishū Sumibiya-tori Okuman Jinbōchō-ten is an izakaya in Kanda that’s a perfect example of the high standards for food in Tokyo. It’s not a place that comes up when you do research, and isn’t worth seeking out as such, but we’re writing about it to encourage you to be

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TOKYO | Takashimaya, like Mitsukoshi, is a Japanese department store chain steeped in history. It was founded in Kyoto in 1831 and was a small shop that specialised in gofuku (formal kimono). By the late 1800s Takashimaya had opened stores in Tokyo and Osaka, and was exporting its wares to

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TOKYO | Verve Coffee Roasters Shinjuku is the Tokyo outpost of American Santa Cruz based coffee company Verve Coffee Roasters. It occupies a prime location directly above Shinjuku Station, and is light, open and welcoming, in keeping with the ethos of the brand. As with the US stores, espresso based drinks

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TOKYO | Family Mart is a chain of convenience stores that can be found across Japan, and other Asian countries too. It’s the second largest convenience chain in Japan behind 7-Eleven, and has developed a bit of a cult reputation amongst foreign visitors. This might seem strange to the uninitiated, so

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TOKYO | BIC CAMERA is a store that everyone should know about before visiting Japan. It’s a large, popular consumer electronics chain with a difference. Not only do Bic Camera stock a wide range of electronics, they also stock things like toys, and even liquor. In fact, we’ve even found rare

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TOKYO | Ushitora isn’t as centrally located as many of Tokyo’s other craft beer spots, but this bar has built a reputation as being one of the best in town. Split across two side-by-side venues, guests can choose either the standing room bar with a kushiage (deep-fried, skewered bites) menu