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JAPAN | The question of what to eat in Japan is something that we’re often asked by people travelling to Japan. Between the team we’ve been lucky enough to visit Japan several times and have a pretty good idea about which Japanese foods visitors should try. Japanese cuisine is one

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TOKYO | Japan was a relatively newcomer to the craft beer scene, with laws allowing for the establishment of microbreweries not coming into effect until the 1990s. In that time, the country’s craft beer scene has exploded, and Tokyo is one of the best cities in Japan in which to

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TOKYO | Family Mart is a chain of convenience stores that can be found across Japan, and other Asian countries too. It’s the second largest convenience chain in Japan behind 7-Eleven, and has developed a bit of a cult reputation amongst foreign visitors. This might seem strange to the uninitiated, so

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Roppongi Art Night is an art festival that is held at various locations around the Tokyo district of Roppongi. Galleries, museums, shopping centres and the like play host to art exhibits, performances, music and discussions. Roppongi Art Night 2014 was the 5th edition of the event, and the theme was

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Akhiabara, in Tokyo’s Chiyoda district, is where fantasy and reality collide. After World War II and into the 1990s, Akhiabara was known worldwide as electronics central. The gadgets and electronics of Akhiabara’s present were those of the world’s future – apart from, of course, those truly wonderful wacky things that

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Walking into Gonpachi aka the Kill Bill Restaurant in Tokyo, the first thing that came into my head, as a big grin enveloped my face was Da Da Da! from Tomoyasu Hotei’s song, “Battle Without Honor or Humanity”. Kill Bill Vol.1 is one of my favourite movies and I wasn’t

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When it comes to craft beer in Japan, I will admit that I was somewhat ignorant as to just how popular it was in the country. I knew that Japan had a burgeoning craft beer scene, and beers from breweries such as Yo-Ho, Kiuchi, Coedo, Echigo and Baird are becoming

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Japanese is one of my favourite cuisines and, over the years, I have eaten a lot of Japanese food. Before visiting Japan I thought that I had quite a good grasp on what Japanese food was about but it only took a few days in the country to realise that what I

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Before visiting Japan I did my research and read a lot of information about various topics. During my time in the country, some of what I read proved itself to be useful and some of it not so useful. There were other things that I encountered that I had never