TOKYO | Japan was a relatively newcomer to the craft beer scene, with laws allowing for the establishment of microbreweries not coming into effect until the 1990s. In that time, the country’s craft beer scene has exploded, and Tokyo is one of the best cities in Japan in which to experience Japanese craft beer. Many of the country’s best breweries like Yo-Ho and Baird have bars in Tokyo, while bars like Popeye feature over 60 taps of the good stuff from around the world.

It’s not just Japanese beer that can be found in Tokyo either – many big international breweries like Mikkeller and BrewDog have bars here. One thing’s for sure – if you like craft beer and find yourself in Tokyo, you’ve got no shortage of places to visit. Without further ado, here’s our Tokyo Craft Beer Guide, the best places in Tokyo for craft beer. Any favourites of yours not on the list? Let us know!

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