Singleton Whisky & Sugar Bar At The Night Noodle Markets

AUSTRALIA | Like whiskey? Like sugar-filled cookies? Like night noodle markets? Then The Singleton Whisky & Sugar Bar is the place for you.

In a time where it seems like every possible food combination has been covered, from ramen burgers, to cronuts, to Nutella S’mores, it seems crazy that there could be something out there that we haven’t sampled. But with this most recent team up, perhaps we can change all that.

Thanks to a team up of The Singleton Whisky and New York’s Momofuku Milk Bar, the Melbourne and Sydney Night Noodle Markets will be host to the The Singleton Whisky & Sugar Bar, a place dedicated to combining great whiskey with great cookies.

From New York’s Christina Tosi, comes the Singleton Whisky Maple Cookie, which will be served in combination with a selection of whiskey cocktails. According to Tosi, the combination was inspired by The Singleton’s Single Malt Scotch Whisky, the scent of which reminded her of buttery pancakes at breakfast. The flavour of the cookie then, is design to amplify the same emotion. And for those of you lucky (or unlucky enough, depending on what you feel about the North-South divide) to be in Sydney for their Night Noodle Markets, Christina will be there on October 8 to help celebrate the launch.

Here at The City Lane, we find it hard to contain our excitement about this. It’s crazy, and unique, but somehow we think it will feel right at home in this country.

The Singleton Whisky & Sugar Bar

Thu 8 to Sun 25 October 2015
Hyde Park

Thu 12 to Sun 29 November 2015
Birrarung Marr



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