Welcome To The Brunswick Beer Collective

Introducing, The Brunswick Beer Collective, A somewhat-weekly podcast devoted to the world of craft beer and the fun and stupidity that surrounds it.

From the same fine people who brought you The City Lane, this podcast was born out of, somewhat fittingly, a drunken conversation on Australia Day this year around what we now realised had become an at-times unhealthy obsession with craft beer and everything around us.

But first, let’s talk about us: The Brunswick Beer Collective is Jeff Chee, Paul Kristoff, and Chris Shorten. You can see more about us on the About page, but perhaps the most important thing to know is that we’re craft beer lovers, not experts. We just know what we like.

This is a show that’s not really about hops or grains or anything you would expect to hear about at a brewery tour. Instead, we record at our local, The Alehouse Project in Brunswick East, choose 2 new craft beers, discuss their merits in a language everyone can understand, and give them a rating out of 5. How do we extend that for 24 minutes? Well you’re just going to have to listen to find out. But just know that our working title was “Top Beer”, a name we thought was apt until we realised it might result in a cease and desist letter.

Season One started recording in March and Episode Seven just went live today. We held the recordings back until we felt the time was right to unleash this disaster onto the world and now that time has come.

And just like on The City Lane, we want you to feel part of this little community so if you have any comments or suggestions for what we should do, or maybe you just want to say what you think of this podcast, let us know in the comments below each podcast, or even in your Untappd beer comments. We’ll read them, and we might even read them out on the next episode.

You can find the all the episodes of the Brunswick Beer Collective Podcast for download or streaming on this website, or you can subscribe to us on iTunes and have the next episode sent directly to your device.

Happy drinking,

Jeff, Paul, and Chris
The Brunswick Beer Collective



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