dark chocolate stout ice-cream recipe

RECIPES | This dark chocolate and stout ice-cream recipe came out of the need to validate the purchase of a ice cream maker. I mean we bought one so now we have to use it right? After creating this recipe we no longer have buyer’s remorse. It’s rich, creamy and

dandelion chocolate mission district

SAN FRANCISCO | Dandelion Chocolate is a bean-to-bar chocolate factory in the Mission District of San Francisco with a focus on small batch, high quality chocolate. The Dandelion team stay on top of all aspects of the chocolate making process, and fly around the world on a regular basis to

maison marou district 1

HO CHI MINH CITY | Maison Marou is the flagship cafe, patisserie, and all round chocolate heaven from chocolate makers Marou, recently described by the New York Times as makers of “the best chocolate you’ve never tasted”. The Marou story started in 2011, when it was founded by French-Japanese schoolteacher

chocolate matcha cake truffles recipe

RECIPES | These chocolate matcha cake truffles are so easy to make and utterly delicious. One bite and you’ll be transported to the patisseries of Japan. Basically they are a microwaved matcha cake, mixed with cream cheese and matcha then dipped in chocolate. Preparation Time: 10 minutes / Cooking Time:

chocolate avocado lemon curd easter eggs

RECIPES | Easter is just around the corner and it’s time to create delicious Easter treats for friends and family. This year, we teamed up with Fairtrade Australia to create something a bit more complex than usual, and it turned out really well. It’s a delicious combination of creamy avocado, tart

cacao portland

PORTLAND | Cacao Portland offers a selection of house made chocolates, along with a range of chocolate goodies from some of the best chocolatiers in the USA and around the world, with a particular focus on Oregon based producers. Owners Aubrey Lindley and Jesse Mannis opened Cacao in 2006 when

chocolate flapjack slices recipe

I recently adapted one of my own recipes for raw energy bites to create chocolate flapjack slices. I wanted to create a healthy raw snack that I could take with me to work on the go, enjoy as a little mid morning treat whilst chilling at home or even serve

nestle kit kat studio melbourne

MELBOURNE | Have you ever read about those wacky Kit Kat flavours in Japan and thought to yourself “I wish I could make my own Kit Kat flavour”? If so (and even if not!) you’re in luck as Nestle is bringing their Kit Kat Studio to Melbourne to celebrate Kit

decadent chocolate brownies recipe

We spend a lot of time creating new and interesting recipes at The City Lane that sometimes it’s easy to forget about the classics. Sure there’s no shortage or recipes for chocolate brownies, chicken soup or other staples however we think it would be remiss of us not to share

honey earl grey chocolate truffles recipe

Honey and Earl Grey tea work wonderfully together and these honey & Earl Grey chocolate truffles are delicious, easy way to enjoy the flavour combination. They might not be the healthiest thing on the planet but hey, Earl Grey tea + chocolate = a whole lot of antioxidants right? Preparation Time: