Ballarat Beer Festival Is Back In 2016

BALLARAT | While much of the beer festival activity in Australasia is concentrated in the autumn and winter months, summer is when many of us (sensibly) choose to do our beer drinking. If you are back from your year-end holidays and looking for some craft beer action this weekend then never fear because this weekend the Ballarat Beer Festival is here.

Believe it or not, the Ballarat Beer Festival began over 20 years ago back in 1995, pre-dating more well known events such as the Great Australian Beer Spectapular and Good Beer Week itself by over a decade. Over time the festival has grown in concert with the Victorian and Australian craft beer scene and will feature some of our favourite local craft breweries including nanobrewing legends 7 Cent, the techno-brewers at Hawkers, the cowboys at Moon Dog and the scallywags at Pirate Life. Rounding out the casts will be some overseas visitors including Brooklyn and Panhead.

We very much support the responsible consumption of alcohol and an integral part of any beer festival is copious amounts of eating. One trend that we have observed of late has been the convergence of booze and food related events and this is also true of the Ballarat Beer Festival. To this end there is also an impressive array of venues running food stalls at the festival including Squire’s Loft, Cajun Kitchen, Smokin’ Barrys and The Forge Pizzeria.

If you’re in Victoria this coming weekend and in need of a craft beer fix, then we would definitely recommend that you head down to the Ballarat Beer Festival. Actually, if you’re just into beer at all then we think you should get on it.

As an added bonus Brunswick Beer Collective members Jeff, Chris and Paul will be there recording live and enjoying the brews on offer (so do stop by and say hi if you see us around!). To help you get to the festival location there will be a free shuttle bus running from Ballarat train station (that’s on the V-Line for those who aren’t aware) which also happens to conveniently stop past Ballarat’s signature craft beer venue, the Mallow Hotel.

Ballarat Beer Festival

Where: City Oval, Ballarat, Victoria 3350, Australia
When: Saturday 16 Jan 2016, 11:00am to 8:00pm
Cost: $51.00 for entry only or $71.40 with $20 of tokens included

Token values (each token is worth $2.00):

  • One token = 100 ml beer
  • Two tokens = 200 ml beer
  • Three tokens = 285 ml (one pot, may vary depending on the beer)
  • Four tokens = 150 ml wine (one standard glass)
Jeff is an actuarial consultant whose almost 15 years in the financial industry have left him deprived of an outlet for his creative side. This said, Jeff’s day job has given him the opportunity to travel abroad regularly where his typically Malaysian “eat anything and everything” mentality means that he structures both his work and leisure time around proximity to new and interesting eating establishments. Over the course of time Jeff has developed an almost fanatic passion for craft beer, American BBQ and spicy food (his ideal meal involves consuming all three at the same time), all of which he offsets through long distance running which is his preferred method for exploring a new city. Jeff is also a co-host of The Brunswick Beer Collective, where he is usually engaged in an off-topic extended monologue rather than talking about the beer in hand.


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