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The Brunswick Beer Collective is a weekly-ish craft beer podcast created by The City Lane’s Chris, Jeff and Paul. It’s ostensibly about the world of craft beer and other related (and not so related) topics, most of which we like to think is quite coherent and entertaining but that can vary from week to week.

The 3 of us love craft beer but to say that we’re experts might be an overstatement. Our knowledge is certainly better than that of the average punter, but more often than not we fall squarely into the “we know what we like and we know what we don’t like” camp.

Essentially, it’s like that show about cars that’s not really about cars, but for beer. In fact, the working title for the podcast before we came up with The Brunswick Beer Collective was “Top Beer”, which for obvious reasons we couldn’t use, but it’s a good descriptor of what we do.

At a basic level, each week we head to the Alehouse Project in Brunswick East and sample 2 new craft beers, discuss their merits, and rate them. How we fill the rest of the time (each podcast runs for around 24 minutes) is something you’ll have to find out for yourself.

Season One started recording in March and Episode 7 just went live today. We held the recordings back until we felt the time was right to unleash this disaster onto the world and now that time has come.

And like anything on The City Lane, we want you to feel part of this little community so if you you have any comments or suggestions for what we should do, or maybe you just want to say what you think of this little experiment, let us know in the comments below or even in your Untappd beer comments. We’ll read them, and we might even read them on the next podcast.

You can find the podcast and other associated information over at the Brunswick Beer Collective website and, if you’re interested, you can find us and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.



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