adriatic pan fried squid

This Adriatic pan fried squid recipe is a perfect simple option as the weather gets warmer. I have adapted my grandmothers recipes which she cooks every year for Easter. It is a classic seafood recipe for our family and one of the first dishes to go when it’s put on

argentinean tomatican recipe

Chef and food writer Alan Rosenthal has just released his new cookbook “Ultimate One Pot Dishes” which contains 80 simple “one pot” dishes from around the world. The book is inspired by Alan’s years of living and cooking in France and Spain, as well as his travels around the world.

vietnamese pho recipe

I discovered Pho in my early 20s when I was working in a predominately Vietnamese area in Perth. I would often finish work late and the only place open was a little unassuming Vietnamese restaurant. The restaurant was tiny, white tiles on the floors and walls and only 4 tables with

We recently had the pleasure of attending Jesse Gerner’s cooking class “The Spanish Table” at South Melbourne Market’s relaunched demonstration kitchen The NEFF Market Kitchen (you can read about the class here). We enjoyed everything Jesse cooked up for us but were particularly impressed by this very tasty, Moorish influenced

Have you ever wanted to make your own cheese at home but never bothered because you thought that it would be too hard, too time consuming and unrealistic? Up until last week this is was where I was at but then I met  the team at Bee Sustainable in Brunswick

thai fish curry recipe

This Bastard Thai Fish Curry recipe is a bastard because while its base is Thai, it contains a few ingredients and techniques not commonly used in a Thai fish curry. I was going to make a traditional curry but when I got home from work I realised that I was

david chang aussie burger recipe

The Aussie Burger, who would have thought it would cause such controversy. Last week, David Chang posted his “Burger Manifesto” online. In it he outlined what, in his mind, makes the perfect burger along with a variety of things that should never be in a burger. This article got a

creamy marsala spaghetti recipe

We used to make this creamy marsala spaghetti recipe all of the time but in recent months it’s fallen off our list of things that we cook. Our fridge was looking quite barren one day when we were trying to decide what to cook for dinner as we hadn’t done

smoky oven baked sweet potato chips recipe

These smoky oven baked sweet potato chips were something that I whipped up when I came home to find some sweet potatoes amongst my fruit and vegetables. Why did I not know that I had sweet potatoes in the apartment? Well Lauren and I were overseas and a friend of

how to use truffle recipe ideas

Once a year, come truffle season, I start thinking about truffle recipe ideas. Once upon a time truffles were a thing of myth. They were considered a delicacy that was limited to the wealthy in the northern hemisphere. These days truffles are still somewhat taxing on the wallet however they