Father’s Day Is Beer Days

AUSTRALIA | Beer Days has for some time been delivering boxes of craft beers to the good people of Australia on a one-off and subscription basis and with Father’s Day just around the corner they may be the answer you have been looking for if you are at a loss at what to get for your beloved Dad (or if you’ve simply forgotten).

This Father’s Day, Beer Days is offering a limited edition book and beer combo, delivering both a great selection of some of the best Australian and international craft beers and also something to read while he is drinking away. Option include Bra Boy by Richie ‘Vas’ Vaculik for surfing fans, Chris Judd’s autobiography for the sporting type, Dog Eat Dog (a memoir by the former manager of AC/DC) for the music lover and Pornburger which has 80 different burger recipes for the dad who is into cooking. Beer Days Beer also offers alternative upgrade options for those dads that aren’t into reading. You can add beer snacks like beef jerky or toasted macadamias, a bottle opener or upgrade to a Premium Beer Box which offer stronger and harder to find beers than the standard box.

Ordering is made easy through the Beer Days website. First, decide whether you want to try a Beer Days Beer Box just once or go for the gift that keeps on giving with monthly or quarterly, no obligation delivery. Then, select how many beers you want delivered – either 8, 12 or 16 craft beers – with prices starting from just $59.95 for the standard 8 beer box. The beers on offer this month include the Fire Rock Pale Ale by Hawaiian brewery Kona, the Downtown Brown by Lost Coast, Red Hook’s ESB and the Hefeweizen by Widmer Bros.

beer days

Beer Days

Monthly or quarterly deliveries priced from $59.95 for 8 beers to $89.95 for 16 beers, all including free delivery.
One-off gifts priced from $59.95 for 8 beers to $150 for 16 beers + all the extras.
Optional upgrades, choose to add in a themed book, gourmet beer bites, surprise gift or premium pack.
Australia-wide shipping available.

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