Five Easy Egg Recipes

RECIPES | Eggs are such a versatile ingredient. They can be the star of a dish, or used as a vehicle to show case other ingredients. Either way, if you adore a good egg our list of five easy egg recipes is for you, and provides you with several ways to use eggs creatively.

Beetroot Fritters With A Poached Egg

five easy egg recipes

These Beetroot Fritters use only six ingredients including a beautifully poached egg. It is one of our easiest egg recipes.

Beetroot Deviled Eggs

five easy egg recipes

We love deviled eggs and have tried a few versions recently. The most popular of these has been this beetroot deviled eggs recipe, which adds sharp tang and subtle sweetness to the egg whites. The vibrant purple colour makes for an eye catching twist too.

Ten Minute Shakshouka

five easy egg recipes

This ten minute shakshouka recipe is our quick and easy take on this Middle Eastern and North African favourite. It has great flavour and texture and it is cooked in one pan, so cleaning up is easy.

Sea Urchin & Black Truffle Scrabbled Eggs

five easy egg recipes

This sea urchin and black truffle scrambled eggs recipe is one of the most indulgent items we make during truffle season this year. The sea urchin is incredibly creamy and luscious and the truffle provides an intense nutty yet earthy flavour. This is truly one of the most perfect breakfasts.

Son In Law Eggs

five easy egg recipes

One of favourite spots for Thai food in Melbourne is Son In Law, and one of the things that we always order when there are the Son In Law Eggs. Owner and head chef Tony Rungpradit was kind enough to oblige when we asked if he’d be willing to share his recipe with us so now you can make Son In Law eggs at home whenever you want.

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