Hearty Soup Recipe Ideas

RECIPES | Soup is one of our go-to things to eat during the winter, and a selection of good soup recipes will always hold you in good stead during the colder months. Featuring an array of exciting flavours inspired by our travels around the world, this list of hearty soup recipe ideas will give you all the inspiration you need to create some delicious soup dishes that will keep you warm in winter.

Healthy No Cream Corn Chowder

hearty soup recipe ideas

This Healthy No Cream Corn Chowder is a quick healthy soup you can make on a rainy day or after work when all you want to do is hibernate.

Rustic Chicken Soup

hearty soup recipe ideas

Everyone has their own version of a rustic chicken soup recipe. There’s no nonsense here, just our version of a classic which will get you through any cold winter’s day.

Ham & Pea Soup

hearty soup recipe ideas

We adore a good ham & pea soup. It’s a must make recipe at least once each winter. There is something beautiful about this humble smoky green dish, which is surprisingly fresh and filling.

Easy Chicken Pho

hearty soup recipe ideas

Chicken Pho is one of our favourite Vietnamese dishes, the complex broth and fresh herbs creating a wonderfully tasty soup that delights every time we eat it.

Sara Oteri’s Soulful Mushroom Soup

hearty soup recipe ideas

Sara Oteri’s Soulful Mushroom soup is a delicious vegetarian soup made with pantry staples.

Hearty Pumpkin Soup

hearty soup recipe ideas

This hearty pumpkin soup recipe uses natural, unsweetened yoghurt instead of cream which results in a creamy texture with a lot less fat than the alternative.

Not So Tonkotsu Ramen

hearty soup recipe ideas

Some people may argue that this Not so Tonkotsu Ramen is not really a soup. However our opinion is that the main part of the dish is the delicious hearty broth , so we compare the idea to something like a chicken noodle soup.



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