S10E07: The Amazing Hop Nation Collaboration

PODCAST | In this illuminating episode, we visit Melbourne’s Hop Nation Brewing Co. to talk about their inspirations, their successes, and their future. We also explore the runaway success of the Jedi Juice, their cult-like NEIPA; celebrate the joy of combining two great beers into one completely different beer; and exclusively reveal Hop Nation’s brand-new sister brand SITE, which will feature both wines and sour beers.

Finally, go into detail about our forthcoming collaboration beer with the brewery, a Vietnamese market-inspired NEIPA called the Market IPA. The beer makes it’s debut at Melbourne’s Beer DeLuxe on the 26th of January 2018, before launching across Australia. Head over to our Market IPA article to find out more about the beer and where to find it.

Note: As with all of our brewery-based episodes, this one has some periodic background noise. But if it makes your feel any better, the noise is due to them making and bottling beer, so it can’t be all bad.

Featured beers: La Garnet and ‘Force Punch’, a combination of the Jedi Juice and THE PUNCH, by Hop Nation Brewing Co.

Chris is an editor, writer, and occasional novelist who in a former life published online magazines for a living while working out of obscure coffee shops. He has travelled extensively and has eaten and enjoyed exotic delights ranging from instant ‘just add water’ potatoes while on a Russian train to snails and Brie from a tiny Montreal kitchen. Chris is a great lover of the experiences around and associated with food and believes the culture of a venue, as quirky or strange as it might be, is just as important as the food it sells. He is also a co-host of The Brunswick Beer Collective, a podcast dedicated to the lighter side of craft beer.


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