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Whilst the Brunswick parts of Lygon Street and Sydney Road have developed significantly over the last 5 to 10 years and have become the vibrant home to a wide array of bars and restaurants, the parallel strip in Nicholson Street has been relatively undeveloped with the exception of Pope Joan,

southgate moveable feasts melbourne

Southgate Moveable Feasts is a food event designed to take diners on a hosted tour around some of the eating establishments along Melbourne’s Yarra River, in the heart of the city. Diners will have the opportunity to sample cuisines from sampling from Japanese, Italian and German to Irish and Australian, with a

Authentic Vietnamese street food in Melbourne has traditionally been found in suburbs such as Richmond and Springvale, with CBD venues typically limited to franchises such as Roll’d and Baget which have more of a fast food feel to them. As a result we were very interested when we were invited by The

kid boston windsor review

Kid Boston Windsor is an eatery on Chapel street that looks like the kind of place that might be an on trend joint but in fact has a menu that comprises a variety of options with diverse inspirations. Kid Bostong might be owned by the same team that own Boston

highline railway hotel windsor review

Highline at The Railway Hotel Windsor is the high end portion of the recently renovated Windsor insitution. Downstairs, the pub and 24 hour bottle shop remain however walk upstairs and a very different concept awaits. Head chef Simon Tarlington (formerly of Quay, Woods of Windsor and Maze) has been brought in

foxtrot charlie brunswick review

MELBOURNE | Foxtrot Charlie Brunswick is a food and coffee spot on Sydney Road that has been operating without making a big fuss for a few years now. We’ve walked past several times without popping in so thought it was finally time to check it out. The space is very open,

easeys collingwood review

If you stand on the south side of Easey Street in Collingwood and look up towards the sky across the road you will see a somewhat strange sight. Whilst you might be hoping that someone might have found an ironic way to imprison Myki ticket inspectors, the train carriages are actually the dining “cars” for

vertue of the coffee drink carlton

The Vertue Of The Coffee Drink Carlton is a new cafe by Mike Cracknell, who has been involved in Melbourne’s coffee scene for a while now, and roasting beans under the Vertue name since 2013. Cracknell had been wanting to open a cafe for a while but had been waiting for

MELBOURNE | Maedaya Richmond is a bustling Japanese izakaya which can be found on Bridge Road and has built up quite the reputation over the years. We’re always a little cautious of Japanese restaurants as they tend to fall short of expectations. This can be blamed on visiting Japan where every place you go

lady bower kitchen

MELBOURNE | Lady Bower Kitchen Reservoir is a cafe in Melbourne’s Northern suburbs with a focus on fresh, seasonal produce and simple dishes that allow the ingredients to shine. The menu is relatively small, with a variety of all day breakfast dishes, sandwiches and drinks on offer. It’s a simple space, with an