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NEW YORK CITY | New York City’s beer scene is stronger than ever, with ample bars, breweries and even restaurants offering a fantastic selection of craft beers. New York actually has a long history of brewing – beer was first brewed here in the 17th century, back when the city

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NEW YORK CITY | New York City, NYC, The Big Apple, lives up to its name in so many ways. As the most populous city in the United States, New York has an amazing influence on commerce, media, art, fashion, technology, entertainment and so much more. There is always somewhere

The final episode of 30 Rock aired on NBC last week, and with it, we say goodbye to a treasure-trove of witty (and not so witty) comedy and subtle (and not so subtle) pop culture references.  7 seasons and 137 episodes certainly wasn’t a bad effort for a show that,

Having visited Times Square, it was time to head down to check out the Empire State Building. The whole night, I had the Jay-Z/Alicia Keys song “Empire State of Mind” in my head. So many songs just make perfect sense in this city, even ones that aren’t as obvious as

The East Village & NoLita Street Art is some of the best in the city.  Historically poor areas, today both, and the bordering Lower East Side are to a large extent gentrified. Thankfully, the street art scene is still intact, in part because it’s tolerated and in part because those that have

This post is focused around the heart of Midtown Manhattan New York – that is the area around 5th Ave, Madison Ave and side streets. These images are what a lot of people associate with New York and although vibrant, bustling and exciting, I didn’t feel as much of a

The World Trade Center tragedy isn’t something that needs to be explained.  The site used to be a tourist attraction because of the amazing, monolithic twin towers that stood there – today it’s an attraction for a very different reason.  When you arrive at the site, and see the sheer

When my fiancée and I were deciding where to stay in New York, we wanted, as most people do, somewhere that was affordable – this was especially important as we were spending 2 weeks in the city.  A search revealed Condor Hotel (which ended up being an excellent hotel), which was in Williamsburg

In recent years, a lot of hipsters, alternative types, creatives and young professionals have moved into the area, giving it a very random and exciting vibe. As I mentioned in my New York Food Guide, there is a real push in New York towards locally sourced and produced food, and

Heading north, the amount of activation increases.  There are all kinds of shops and places to eat and drink to be discovered.  The Brooklyn street art scene in this part of town, as would be expected, keeps on throwing up gems. This is the part of town where you’ll find