Delicious Chicken Recipe Ideas

RECIPES | Chicken is one of the most versatile proteins, and is a great base for a range of different dishes. Here are some of our favourite chicken recipes, inspired by our family and our travels around the world.

Grilled Chicken Skewers with Ajvar

delicious chicken recipe ideas

These Grilled Chicken Skewers with Ajvar are lightly grilled and covered with a delicious roasted pepper sauce.

Baked Chicken With Pesto And Mozzarella

delicious chicken recipe ideas

Baked chicken with pesto and mozzarella is a simple, yet tasty chicken dish.

Easy Chicken Pho

delicious chicken recipe ideas

Chicken Pho is one of our favourite Vietnamese dishes, the complex broth and fresh herbs creating a wonderfully tasty soup that delights every time we eat it. We learned how to make this quicker than usual version while in Ho Chi Minh City.

Buttermilk anAnd Sriracha Fried Chicken

delicious chicken recipe ideas

Our Buttermilk and Sriracha Fried Chicken is super tender and crispy with a subtle heat kick.

Perfect Charcoal BBQ Chicken

charcoal bbq chicken recpie

When it comes to the perfect charcoal BBQ chicken recipe, there are a lot of ideas and techniques around. With this recipe you are sure to make a juicy chicken with a golden crispy, salty skin.

Tangy Popcorn Chicken

delicious chicken recipe ideas

This tangy baked popcorn chicken recipe is literally chicken coated in popcorn. A must for any popcorn lover.

Saffron and Spinach Yogurt Chicken

delicious chicken recipe ideas

Inspired by our travels through Iran, this Saffron and spinach yogurt chicken is perfect for a quick weeknight dinner. It’s healthy, high in protein, low in fat and takes about 20 minutes to prepare and cook.

One Pot Chicken Puttanesca

delicious chicken recipe ideas

Chicken Puttanesca is a classic Italian dish traditionally served on angel hair pasta. This version is based on the classic recipe, however I exclude the pasta and oven bake the dish so it can made in one pot.

Leftover Chicken Pasta Bake

delicious chicken recipe ideas

Baked pasta dishes are an easy way to use up leftovers or things in the fridge that you need to use. This leftover chicken pasta bake recipe a good option for a mid week meal when you really don’t want to make an effort however you still want something that tastes delicious.

15 Minute Healthy Chicken & Yoghurt Curry

delicious chicken recipe ideas

This 15 minute healthy chicken & yoghurt curry recipe is perfect for days when you don’t really feel like cooking. It requires little effort and is a guilt free meal.



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