froth craft beer magazine

PODCAST | In this monstrously-long episode we are joined by the brilliant people behind Froth Craft Beer Magazine, editor Emily and designer Clint, to help them celebrate the two year anniversary of the magazine. It’s an adventure that goes to a lot of places we didn’t expect, and many places

coffee whisky stout cocktail recipie

PODCAST | In this recipe-defining episode we explore just what it takes to make an effective beer cocktail, often using ingredients that you probably won’t find around the house; delve deep into our limited knowledge of council restrictions and associated noise complaints; and talk about the Melbourne Cup and its

brunswick beer collective brewers feast

PODCAST | In this hungover episode, we speak with Tyson from Brewers Feast beer festival about strong beers, sleep deprivation, and this year’s festival, obviously. It’s everything you could ever hope for in an episode and several things you probably would have liked to avoid. It’s a complicated balance, we’ll

craft and co

PODCAST | In this enlightening episode, we visit Melbourne’s The Craft & Co., a place that does everything from beer to coffee to cheese, and talk with the head brewer Heath about all things beer. It’s a conversation filled with complicated beer terms, long-dead philosophers, and regular pilsner drinkers. We

PODCAST | In this surprisingly-serious episode, at least for the first part, we explore the issue of breweries being taken over by other, bigger breweries and other brewery-like companies, and try to look at it from the perspective of both the brewer and the drinker. And then to balance it

brewers co-operative auckland cbd

AUCKLAND | New Zealand’s craft beer scene has continued to go from strength to strength in recent years, and seems to get better each day. While Wellington might call itself New Zealand’s ‘craft beer capital’ and Nelson the ‘brewing capital’, there’s no doubting that the Auckland craft beer scene is

PODCAST | In this well-earned episode, we talk about Bright Brewery’s brand-new cause-worthy beer, the excellent Mr West in Melbourne’s Footscray, and the latest beers we’ve discovered in the scene. We also mispronounce several comments, some with more flair than others, and talk about parallels between the wine industry, the

canberra craft beer guide

CANBERRA | Canberra has had a quietly bubbling craft beer scene for a few years now, which arguably started in 1994 when enthusiast of good beer, Lachlan McOmish, opened the Wig & Pen. The Wig & Pen is still around, albeit in a new home since 2015, but has been

PODCAST | In this adventurous episode, Paul and Leon detail their trips to some of the best breweries found in the USA while at the same time taking idiotic questions from the rest of us. It’s a meeting of many minds as we bust out three beers from fabled brewery,

hobart craft beer guide

HOBART | Many people think of Cascade Brewery when they think of Hobart beer, and while the Carlton United Brewery owned brewery does have a craft beer element to it (it’s where Goose Island’s core range is produced for the Australian market), it’s other breweries that the capital of the