market neipa brunswick beer collective hop nation

PODCAST | In this illuminating episode, we visit Melbourne’s Hop Nation Brewing Co. to talk about their inspirations, their successes, and their future. We also explore the runaway success of the Jedi Juice, their cult-like NEIPA; celebrate the joy of combining two great beers into one completely different beer; and

brunswick beer collective perth

PODCAST | In this genre-defying episode, we talk about New Years Eve drinking and subsequent New Years Day drinking, discuss the strategies required to drink Omnipollo‘s fabled NOA when on tap, and find out what is new and exciting in Paul’s hometown of Perth. We also discover a Mediterranean wholesaler

san francisco beer

SAN FRANCISCO | San Francisco is booming, and while craft beer has always been something that local have enjoyed, recent years have seen a lot of new spaces with a focus on brewing and selling great beer open up around town. San Francisco beer institution Toronado has been going strong

international beer

PODCAST | In this well-travelled episode, we catch up with who we think was our very first guest, Gareth, to ask him all about his beerventures in places as far-flung as Russia and Egypt. It’s a journey that features not only several well-stocked beer fridges, but also an entire a

bright brewery

PODCAST | In this rabble-rousing episode we venture north once more and visit the fabled Bright Brewery where we are are joined by their favourite son, James Davidson, for a conversation that is informing, irreverent, and intriguing. It‘s an exploration involving a large dose of bad jokes, a healthy amount

christmas beer

PODCAST | In this very lekker episode, we explore everything there is to explore about what to drink at Christmas. It’s an episode designed for your commute back to your family, to either help to enjoy them or to survive them. We also have another type of gift, specifically three

bridge road brewers

PODCAST | In this brewery-filled episode, we venture outside the confines of Melbourne and knock on the door of Beechworth’s Bridge Road Brewers, where we ask ill-informed questions to their CEO, Donald. As well hearing about their enormous core range of beers, we also hear about their systematic use of

modus operandi brunswick beer collective

PODCAST | In this season-opening episode, we attempt to make up for the postponed Brewers Feast beer festival by instead chronicling Paul and Ben’s incredible journey through Sydney’s Northern Beaches, in which they apparently end up largely at 4 Pines venues. It’s a wander that involves buses, tiny breweries, Google

garage project

PODCAST | In this mind-bending episode, we assemble a dream team of drinkers including Ben, Chris, Emily, Jeff, Kyle and Paul to tackle Garage Project’s Silk Road series of beers. The results are hillarious, irresponsible, and unstoppably unwieldy. It’s an episode where, no matter what you thought our runtime should

froth craft beer magazine

PODCAST | In this monstrously-long episode we are joined by the brilliant people behind Froth Craft Beer Magazine, editor Emily and designer Clint, to help them celebrate the two year anniversary of the magazine. It’s an adventure that goes to a lot of places we didn’t expect, and many places