PODCAST | In this groundbreaking episode, we talk all things Untappd with one of the people who made it, the app’s co-founder, Greg. It’s an episode where we gladly explore the cultural relevance of Untappd to the craft drinking scene, as well as noting how it has helped to provide

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SAN DIEGO | If you love good beer, you’re probably aware of San Diego’s reputation as the home of some of the world’s best breweries. Stone, Modern Times, and Ballast Point are just a few of the breweries that started in and around San Diego and all produce fantastic beer.

PODCAST | In this noisy and rambunctious episode, we are joined by the very sensible folks from Old Wives Ales for a rambling discussion about Bruce, the collaboration beer we’ve made with them, The Craft & Co. and Froth Craft Beer Magazine. We also journey through the highs and lows

PODCAST | Get your coloured woollen jumpers ready people as in this episode we discuss everything we know, which as usual turns out to be very little, about the fabled Swedish brewery, Omnipollo. It’s a Scandinavian road filled with obscure chip flavours, print colour code numbers, and some utterly incredible

PODCAST | In this, our most Top Gear-like episode yet, we do something we’ve been threatening to do for many episodes and take on the ultimate beer challenge, risking life and limb as we drink seven different lagers in the hope of finding out if we can actually tell the

PODCAST | In this grand tour of an episode, we talk about the Vietnam craft beer scene, inspired by Paul’s recent trip to the country, where it seemed he managed to visit almost every craft proprietor he could find. It’s an episode packed full of obscure references, obscure beer medals,

PODCAST | In this suburb-trekking episode, we attempt to recollect our expedition to the east of Melbourne and the mystical and unexpected pubs we discovered. It’s a quest filled with great playlists, plush couches, and dangerously-placed dart boards, along with talk about the prevalence of brown ales and the joy of

PODCAST | In this moderately-packed episode, we ramble a range of obscure and occasionally-interesting topics as we weave our way through three (actually four) beers we managed to find at our local bottle shops. We also discuss a beer garden that we thought we never open, a brewery that we

PODCAST | In this episode of discovery, we venture deep into the heart of Untappd to unearth our historic first-ever beer check-ins, and in doing so discuss the complicated search logic required to navigate through the app to our beer histories. It’s a time-travelling journey featuring special guest Charles, who

PODCAST | In this adventurous episode, we chronicle, in a somewhat drunken fashion, our journey in the west of Melbourne in the suburb of Footscray (or possibly Seddon). It’s a test of our memory with much of it relying on what beers we checked in and what we could recall