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imperial fringe college of london

LONDON | LONDON | If you enjoy watching The Big Bang theory, or have an interest in the fun, geeky side of science, you may want to keep reading. Under the catchy tagline of “Make a date with discovery”, Imperial Fringe is a series of public events exploring the unexpected

brewhouse and kitchen islington

LONDON | Brewhouse & Kitchen Angel is part of a chain of craft beer pubs established in Portsmouth a few years back. It’s conveniently located just behind Angel tube station and features a wide range of beers, both local and international. What makes this venue different than most craft beer pubs

sebright arms bethnal green

LONDON | The Sebright Arms is a Bethnal Green pub that’s known for doing two things well – live music and craft beer. It’s an old school British boozer located off a side passage off Hackney Road and has an unpretentious vibe about it despite the fact that it attracts a

wild card brewery walthamstow

LONDON | Wild Card Brewery in Walthamstow is a fantastic spot and really exemplifies what craft brewing is all about. It was started by three friends who decided to give up their day jobs to do something that they loved. Wild Card started as a cuckoo, or gypsy brewers, relying on

birdcage bethnal green

LONDON | The Birdcage has been serving the people of Bethnal Green fine ales since 1760, the name referring to the popular custom of keeping caged birds which was introduced to the East End by the Huguenots in the 17th century. The currently building was constructed in the 19th century and

mother kelly's bethnal green

LONDON | Mother Kelly’s, located under the rail arches in Bethnal Green, is one of our favourite bars in London for craft beer. The ‘New York Inspired’ bottle shop and tap room makes an impact from the moment you walk in, with the arched roof, wooden floor and street art

london fields brewery hackney

LONDON | London Fields Brewery helped kick start Hackney’s modern craft beer scene when it opened under the rail arches in London Fields in 2011. The tap room is a cozy space where lovers of good beer can go to enjoy the core range of London Fields beers, along with experimental

bedlam asylum and beyond

LONDON | A long list of all the odd fears you can think of (including fear of space between words). An account about a patient that believed that everything and everyone around him was the product of his imagination and inner visions, hence he could walk through walls. A black

food assembly shop support local producers

LONDON | Do you enjoy fresh local produce, the kind which can’t be found in your typical supermarket, but dread the weekend crowds in artisan markets? Well, The Food Assembly may be just the thing for you. We went to the Food Assembly launch party in Kings Cross to see what

LONDON | Chains like Itsu and Wasabi have helped make sushi and sashimi part of the capital’s staple lunch diet, however, you won’t know what a proper sushi fix is until you’ve tried some authentic Japanese restaurants that are flourishing in London. Eat Tokyo, despite also being a chain, is