ten minute shakshouka recipe

RECIPES | This ten minute shakshouka recipe is our quick and easy take on this Middle Eastern and North African favourite. Traditionally, this dish would be cooked for 30 minutes and it would use less spice as the extra cooking time allows the flavours to develop. However, the reality of life

matcha pancakes black sesame yoghurt recipe

RECIPES | This matcha crepes with black sesame yoghurt recipe is based on a mille crepe cake however we have made this a little lighter by changing the cream for yoghurt and decreasing the amount of sugar. Featuring flavours of Japan, it tastes delicious and you won’t feel guilty eating

kaya pandan pancakes recipe

This Kaya Pandan Pancake recipe is based on kueh ketayap, a Malaysian sweet coconut filled pancake roll. Authentic kueh ketayap calls for juiced pandan leaves, but taken a slightly different approach, and have instead combined kaya (coconut jam) with pandan essence to make a vibrant green yet aromatic pancake. Make sure you

rose and date scones recipe

Scones often earn a bad reputation as a little boring and rather dry however the same can not be said about these rose and date scones. This recipe is inspired by Iranian flavours, the rose water adds light floral notes while the date provides a little sweetness. Eat it as

charred grapefruit with mint basil sugar recipe

This charred grapefruit with mint & basil sugar recipe is an easy brunch or breakfast idea when you feel like something slightly sweet and light. It activates a range of senses on your tongue and tastes great. It’s also a unique way to get in one of your daily pieces of

coconut milk bircher muesli recipe

This coconut milk bircher muesli is a simple, versatile breakfast option and is a great way to start the day. It’s high in fibre, omega fatty acids and protein which means you get a lot of good stuff in each bite. It is also incredibly easy to alter the combination

raw puffed quinoa oat cereal

This raw puffed quinoa oat cereal recipe is very quick and easy to make. It’s very tasty, low in fat and sugar and full of antioxidants and other good stuff. Some of the ingredients are a little unusual, such as Inca Berries which are a sour South American berry rich

mexican corn fritters recipe

It’s been a big few weeks at The City Lane with Melbourne’s Good Food & Wine month creating no shortage of opportunities to eat out. While the food and events have been amazing, we’ve tried to eat lighter options when at home to balance out all of the indulgence. Lauren

healthy breakfast panna cotta recipe

Yes, that’s right, panna cotta for breakfast… that’s also healthy! So many times when trying to lower the calorie content of a dish that’s normally high in calories, flavour is one of the things that’s sacrificed. This breakfast panna cotta recipe however manages to be low in fat and sugar but high in flavour.

peach coconut pistachio granola recipe

Needing to get to work early for my day job means that my usual Monday to Friday breakfast consists of some cereal at my desk. I’ve always got a rotating selection of cereals in the pantry and love trying new combinations. One of the challenges with cereal is that there’s