smoked barbecue lamb leg recipe

RECIPES | This smoked barbecue lamb leg is brined for 3 days in a selection of herbs and spices then smoked for 3 hours to produce a flavour packed, juicy leg of lamb. Its great served with vegetables or turned into home made wraps. Preparation Time: 20 minutes / Cooking

red ipa beer steak pie

RECIPES | Our Red IPA Beer & Steak Pie is a take on the hearty classic, the steak and ale pie. The Red IPA that we like to use if the Former Tenant by Modus Operandi – it has notes of passionfruit & mango thanks to a whole lot of

tonkatsu japanese pork cutlet recipe

RECIPES | Tonkatsu is a Japanese panko coated pork cutlet that is deep fried and served with tonkatsu sauce, a fruity yet savory sauce, similar to Worcestershire sauce, and a cabbage salad. It is utterly delicious and simple to make, and one of our favourite Japanese dishes. Preparation Time: 15-20

tomato spinach tarts recipe

RECIPES | Tomato and spinach tarts are one of our favourite go-to recipes when we’re not sure what to make. They are quick and easy, and a healthy choice that can be enjoyed any time of the day. Preparation Time: 8-10 minutes / Cooking Time: 20 minutes / Makes 12

smoked ocean trout vegetable wrap recipe

RECIPES | This ocean trout and seasonal vegetable wrap recipe is a quick and easy lunch option. You can eat this as an open faced wrap or roll it up. It is completely up to you. Preparation Time: 5-10 minutes / Serves 2 Ingredients 100g smoked ocean trout, diced 50g

how to make a charcuterie sku

RECIPES | This Charcuterie Skeleton is a really quick and easy addition to any Halloween feast. The idea is that it appears like you are scavenging the meat off the skeleton’s bones. It’s one of our favourite things to serve at Halloween each year and is always a hit with

spooky prawn cocktail brain recipe

RECIPES | This Spooky Prawn Cocktail Brain recipe is one of the most impressive dishes we created for Halloween. It’s based on a Martha Stewart recipe that we altered to make a tasty, spooky starter. Below are two sets of instructions, the first is for the mannequin head, then second is for

Mummified Sausage Rolls With Ajvar Recipe

RECIPES | These mummified sausage rolls with ajvar are a really cute and tasty recipe to add to your Halloween menu. It is basically a creative take on the classic Serbian combination of cevapcici (skinless sausages) and ajvar (red pepper sauce). Preparation Time: 15 minutes / Cooking Time: 20-25 minutes /

ho chi minh cooking class

RECIPES | Pho is one of our favourite Vietnamese dishes, the complex broth and fresh herbs creating a wonderfully tasty soup that delights every time we eat it. One of the downsides of making pho at home is that to do it properly it takes a lot of time. On

santa maria style bbq tri tip recipe

RECIPES | Santa Maria style BBQ tri tip dates back to the mid-19th century when local ranchers would host Spanish-style BBQs for their vaqueros (cowboys). It involves simple dry rub of black pepper, garlic powder, salt and, in our case, espresso grounds. Cooked for 1 hour over hot coals and