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vietnamese cooking experience otao kitchen

Vietnamese Cooking Experience At OTAO Kitchen

OTAO Kitchen is a Vietnamese cooking school run by Ha Nguyen and Ricky Hewton on Richmond’s Victoria street, which is well known for its Vietnamese restaurants and grocery stores. I was invited to attend one of…

tokay and thyme chicken liver pate recipe

Tokay & Thyme Chicken Liver Pate: Recipe

This Tokay & thyme chicken liver pate recipe is decadent, creamy and tastes delicious. Best of all, it’s surprisingly easy to make and really affordable – it’ll make you wonder how the shops get away with charging so much…

hiroshima today

The Bomb & Hiroshima Today

Hiroshima. Arriving in the city by rail on a day trip out of Osaka I’ll admit that the sum total of my knowledge about the city was that the atomic bomb (“a-bomb”) dropped here in World…