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beer mash collingwood

Beer Mash: New Opening

The changes along Smith Street haven’t abated in 2014 and, while walking down the street last week I noticed yet another new opening. Beer Mash Collingwood opened mid-November and brings a different craft beer offering…

coffee yogurt parfait recipe

Coffee & Yoghurt Parfait: Recipe

Inspired by the parfaits of Kyoto is this coffee & yoghurt parfait recipe. The layers are texturally distinct and combine really well as do the tart, sweet and bitter flavour components of the dish. It’s really tasty and…

simon bryant's vegies cookbook

Simon Bryant’s Vegies: Cookbook Review

As anyone who is a regular reader of The City Lane can attest, I am most certainly a meat eater but I am also a big believer in the greatness of fruits and vegetables. I’ll…

wandering kyoto streets japan

Wandering The Streets Of Kyoto

The streets of Kyoto are a pleasure to walk through. I’ve been to a few cities in Japan, and Kyoto is by far the most beautiful of the bunch. It’s a modern city but as…