A selection of recipes to tantalise your taste-buds.
sherry shrimp recipe

RECIPES | Sometimes you want something home cooked, but just don’t have the time to prepare anything that takes too much time or effort. At times like this, my sherry shrimp (or prawns for readers in Australia) recipe always hits the spot, with hearty and intense, but not overpowering, flavor.

tokay whisky sour recipe

RECIPES | This is a non-traditional version of a Whisky Sour – the addition of the Tokay makes it aromatic, full bodied and very easy to drink. Perfect for a dinner party, an afternoon with friends or a Sunday session. Preparation Time: 5 minutes / Serves 2 Ingredients 60ml Whisky 60ml

sea urchin black truffle scrambled eggs recipe

RECIPES | This sea urchin and black truffle scrambled eggs recipe is one of the most indulgent items we make during truffle season this year. The sea urchin is incredibly creamy and luscious and the truffle provides an intense nutty yet earthy flavour. This is truly one of the most

pale ale churros dark chocolate dipping sauce recipe

RECIPES | This IPA churros recipe with a dash of mandarin and chocolate beer dipping sauce has been designed to celebrate Melbourne’s Good Beer Week. The beer scene has changed dramatically over the past decade with an array of different varieties and flavour profiles available on the market. These different flavour

vietnamese bun cha recipe

RECIPES | This Vietnamese Bún chả recipe is based on a dish we tried while travelling a few years ago. It has a beautiful balance of fresh herbs, lots of noodles and smoky pork. Traditionally this is served without the lettuce however I like the extra freshness and crunch it

not so tonkotsu ramen recipe

RECIPES | This not so Tonkotsu ramen is a twist on a classic Tonkotsu ramen . It is by no means a traditional broth as I struggled to find pigs trotters which are characteristically the base of this style of ramen. Nonetheless the combination of pork ribs, soup bones and

chocolate avocado lemon curd easter eggs

RECIPES | Easter is just around the corner and it’s time to create delicious Easter treats for friends and family. This year, we teamed up with Fairtrade Australia to create something a bit more complex than usual, and it turned out really well. It’s a delicious combination of creamy avocado, tart

miso marinated fish recipe

RECIPES | Miso marinated fish has been a signature dish of chef Nobu Matsuhisa since 1987 and, having just returned from Japan with a jar of perilla miso in tow, I was keen to try making my own version at home. It’s a very tasty dish that’s healthy and full

lavender cream gin cocktail recipe

RECIPES | This lavender cream gin cocktail is a light, floral cocktail that works best with a gin that has light botanicals. The lavender and honey evoke summer days in Provence, while the egg white and heavy cream give the cocktail a silky, creamy texture. Despite its summer leanings, this

pearl barley, orange & fennel salad recipe

This Pearl Barley, Orange and Fennel Salad recipe is a great option for a hot summer day. It is perfect with roasted lamb or chicken or as a meal on it’s own. This recipe is a favourite among our friends. Preparation Time: 10 minutes    /     Serves 4-6