Quick & Easy Salad Recipes

RECIPES | With such a busy life, it can be hard to eat well all the time and we’re always looking for easy salad recipes to give us a quick, healthy, fresh and tasty option. Whether it’s for a mid-week meal, dinner with friends, a barbecue or more, these easy salad recipes are ones we’ve made several times that always do the trick.

Pearl Barley, Orange and Fennel Salad

best quick easy salad recipes

This Pearl Barley, Orange and Fennel Salad recipe is a great option for a hot summer day. It is perfect with roasted lamb or chicken or as a meal on it’s own. This recipe is a favourite among our friends.

Taco Bowl Salad

best quick easy salad recipes

This taco salad bowl is basically a de-constructed vegetarian hard taco. The tortilla/flour wrap is lightly baked and filled with a healthy Mexican inspired salad.

Smoked Cauliflower with Tzatziki and Currant


A crowd favourite easy salad recipe is our Smoked Cauliflower with Tzatziki and red currants. It’s a beautiful addition to any lunch.

Apple Cider Vinegar Coleslaw

best quick easy salad recipes

This Apple cider vinegar coleslaw is super simple to make and works really well as a side, especially when accompanying pork dishes.

Lamb with Tomato & Mint Salad

best quick easy salad recipes

One for the meat eaters, this lamb with tomato & mint salad recipe is low in fat, super tasty and is great fresh when the lamb is hot or the next day when the lamb is cold.

Tangy Lentil Salad

best quick easy salad recipes

This Tangy Lentil Salad combines lentils, a variety of vegetables and herbs makes for a very light, satisfying meal, with the natural yoghurt and apple cider vinegar adding a nice tang to the dish.

Preserved Lemon and Octopus Salad

best quick easy salad recipes

This preserved Lemon & Octopus salad recipe makes cooking Octopus at home easy and quite approachable.

Red Cabbage, Dill & Feta Salad

best quick easy salad recipes

If you’re looking for something quick and surprisingly filling, this raw red cabbage, dill & feta salad might just fit the bill.

Broccoli & Red Quinoa Salad

best quick easy salad recipes

This Broccoli & Red Quinoa Salad recipe was created to help get the healthy eating back on track. It’s high in protein and rich in fibre and minerals.

Green Bean Potato Salad

best quick easy salad recipes

This green bean potato salad recipe is an easy and healthy side for any meal. It takes about 20 minutes from start to end and can be made in one pot.

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