coffee whisky stout cocktail recipie

RECIPES | Recently we’ve been experimenting with beer and cocktails, figuring out way to use beer as an ingredient in cocktails. One of the easiest kinds of beer to use when making a cocktail is stout. A good base stout goes well with rich, roasted flavours which compliment the roasted

raspberry mint ginger g&t ice pop

RECIPES | This raspberry, mint & ginger G&T ice pop recipe is a cocktail in a fun, easy to eat, frozen form. These ice pops are light, refreshing and perfect for a warm day. Preparation Time: 5 minutes / Freezing Time: 2 hours / Serves 6 Ingredients 50ml gin (use

four pillars aussie negroni

RECIPES | The Negroni is a tribute to the definition of a cocktail: the ultimate balance of spirit, sweet and bitter to stimulate all senses and quench all thirsts, and this Aussie version uses all Australian ingredients. Teigan Nash checked out the cocktail while she was on assignment for Aussie

frosé frozen rosé slushie recipe

RECIPES | Frosé (or a frozen rosé slushie if you prefer) is a simple yet delicious way to use a bottle of rosé. It is great on a warm day with a plate of cheese, and goes down a treat whenever you have friends over. The only catch? You need an

don q gran anejo rum old fashioned

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Don Q rum. All opinions are 100% mine. RECIPES | The Old Fashioned as we know it today is actually one of the first ever cocktails. The word ‘cocktail’, as used in reference to an alcoholic beverage, first appeared

blueberry gin jelly shots recipe

RECIPES | These blueberry and gin jelly shots are a twist on a classic jelly shot. They have a lolly like texture and taste like you are biting into a cocktail. Preparation Time: 10-15 minutes / Setting time: 2 hours / 30-40 shots Ingredients 85g packet blueberry jelly crystals 200ml

spiced pear bitters dark stormy cocktail

RECIPES | This spiced pear and bitters dark & stormy recipe is a twist on a classic cocktail. Typically this cocktail contains ginger beer, rum and lime, however we add a spiced pear and bitters mixer to give it an additional flavour dimension. Preparation Time: 5 minutes / Serves 2

how to make matcha at home

RECIPES | Matcha is a powdered, antioxidant rich green tea, that can be enjoyed a variety of ways, including as a delicious drink. It might be on trend in the West at the moment, but it’s origins can be traced back to 10th century China, and it’s been enjoyed in

red wine hot chocolate italian meringue recipe

RECIPES | This red wine hot chocolate with Italian meringue is a great way to use left over red wine. The indulgent combination of chocolate, red wine and sticky meringue works wonderfully to create one of the most unique hot chocolates you’ve tried. You can drink it hot as soon

tokay whisky sour recipe

RECIPES | This is a non-traditional version of a Whisky Sour – the addition of the Tokay makes it aromatic, full bodied and very easy to drink. Perfect for a dinner party, an afternoon with friends or a Sunday session. Preparation Time: 5 minutes / Serves 2 Ingredients 60ml Whisky 60ml